Fresh is best

As we slowly say good bye to long summers days and enter Autumn I sit and watch the harbour and how it changes.

The Fishing fleet seem tied up for more days in the safe haven of Eyemouth Harbour, yet work carries on. It;s time for minor repairs which have been put off during the busy summer season. The Dive boats head out and return faster due to the drop in air temperature.

It’s the time we consider the change in season for food also. We lose the summer selection to make way for the more hearty produce. Food which has developed flavour over the course of the year. Naturally, Game is one of these. We are blessed in this country to have access to such amazing produce, from deer roaming in the highlands, Partridge and Grouse from Dumfriesshire and not forgetting the seafood our island produces.

Here at The Ship Restaurant & Bar we value the produce and carefully select each seasonal ingredient to create our seasonal dishes. Highland Roe Deer, duck fat potatoes, parsley and pumpkin granola & smoked chocolate sauce, is a great example. The dish is simple in its cooking allowing the flavours to truly shine. The dish is greatest however, in the tasting!

If Seafood is more your thing, the North Sea Halibut, paired with sprout leaves, parsnip & lardo is certainly going to be a hit. It’s a passion and an honour to make the very best of what our fishing boats bring in.

The changing seasons bring an opportunity to remember. To enjoy memories of summer and the relish the promise of exciting flavour in the season ahead.