The Ship's Compass

A nautical compass is mysterious & wonderful; so many places to turn & go & see. Charting a new course every which way. For decades the compass at The Ship Hotel has been a central fixture, a integral part of The Ship, but also in important part of Eyemouth life. When the old hotel closed, the compass was destined to be consigned to history as a once gone ornament from a tired old pub.

History will record that local businessman Gary Steenvorden bought the pub buildings and renovated the interior to bring back life to The Ship. It will  also document that Gary and Partner Zoe were sensitive to the history of Eyemouth and folklore of the The Ship and wanted to assure that everything important would be preserved.

As Gary described,

“we’re all of us only custodians of these great buildings. We look after the structures and nurture our history for just a short time.  We knew the compass and it’s place, and ensured it was gently spruced up and returned to its rightful place in The Ship”

The Ship’s compass is to be found today embedded within the bar. Its rightful place within The Ship and her history. They say at night, the compass turns to chart the course for long-gone pirates and vagabonds. If you sit quietly near the walls, they will tell tales of ships and the sea, of wild celebration and of quiet contemplations. There will always be fishermens’ tales, and the tales of Eyemouth folk. In the Ship, there will always be a compass to guide them